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Caravan is an Ecommerce app that brings ordered products to the consumers. They offer everything from gadgets, to foods, to clothing, all things one might need and be delivered in a short period of time.


Caravan approached us to design and develop a brand identity that matches their care for the products that their consumers buy. Caravan brings an experience to the consumers that are exposed everyday to different shopping options. Caravan provides the convenience of delivering the purchased items to their customer’s doorstep saving them amount of time. They already have a character for the brand and requested us to create logos, icons and a system that fits perfectly well with the brand.


We wanted to create an identity system for Caravan with a look and feel that’s happy, warm and friendly, but also trusting in a fun and cute way. They already have a mascot design which represents something that’s out of this world, an Alien. The challenge is to come up with the design that works on small and confined spaces, so we created something that summarizes the symbolism and message of the mascot that fits even on small areas. We’ve matched the colours with the character’s color, while coming up with a wordmark that’s simple and contemporary.


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