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Eatme and Go is a Food Business that serve good quality meal and caters to people who are always on the go, without sacrificing the taste as well as the presentation of the food.


The client was strolling down the streets of Milan when she saw Eat me & Go there and tried their food. She loved the idea of the restaurant, the food they served and the ambience. She thought that Riyadh lacked a place where busy working people can enjoy a delicious meal on the go and that’s when she decided to open a similar restaurant in Riyadh.


We decided to research on what the Eatme&Go franchise in Italy have done already and create a look based the existing brand with the same feel and vibe, but one that appeals to the market in Saudi Arabia. We want to create a fusion between two cultures, without loosing the foundation and framework of the Identity design of Eatme&Go.

Eatme and Go
Eatme and Go Eatme and Go Eatme and Go
Eatme and Go Eatme and Go

Mood Board

The market for Eatme&Go in Riyadh will focus on business peoplewho want to eat a tasty fresh meal while they’re on the go. The look and feel will be a combination of street food, restaurant and cafe, focusing not just on the quality of taste, but also on the presentation of food and how it looks.

The look will have the feel of organic and healthy food, that matches the interior designs which have wooden planks and semi-industrial steel. There will be paper cups and packaging with materials that can be recycled.


Eatme and Go

The direction is to create a new look for the brand, similar to the one in Italy. Contemporary and trendy that reflect the vibes of a cafe / sandwich culture, with industrial look that gives it the raw feel, that signifies craft & handmade, merged with modern and minimalism for cleanliness, freshness and simplicity. We want to pay homage to the originial concept of Eatme & Go, but at the same time, create an entirely new identity that can stand on its own.

Eatme and Go
Eatme and Go
Eatme and Go
Eatme and Go
Eatme and Go
Eatme and Go

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