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Fadhaa is the first company in Saudi Arabia established for the purpose of space exploration, aeronautics research and scientific discovery. They will be responsible for the coordination and supervision of all the activities related to space.


Fadhaa asked us to create a Brand Identity for them that focuses more on the “Space” feel and a Creative Company, rather than an Institutional, Govermental, Academic Sector, in other words, one that’s not going to be outdated by future trends as we evolve in the next phase of human civilization.


The Design should be professional enough to attract corporate fundings, researchers and scientists, universities, institutes and astronauts; but should also be able to appeal fashionably to the Millenials and younger generations, adventurers / thrill seekers, and students who will one day become future astronauts and to anyone who wants to go to space.

Fadhaa Fadhaa
Eatme and Go Eatme and Go Eatme and Go
Eatme and Go Eatme and Go

Mood Board

Creating the tone and direction of the brand is the first thing that needs to be established. Since the company is dealing with space, the best way to look at it is to see the universe as a whole like one massive picture. Fundamental properties of the universe such as space, time, matter, motion, mass, energy, light and so on, viewed as images and visual design.

Sophistication and elegance, combined with minimal contemporary and futuristic look, summarizes the visual aspect of what the universe is all about. This envokes the feelings of awe and excitement. These feelings are the things that should reflect in the new identity in harmony with what Fadhaa and its services is all about.



We were inspired by Nikola Tesla’s words and did some digging into the realm of Science and the Universe, and although a lot of theories are still debatable, we decided to stick with the theory that conveys the idea of how we wanted the brand to look, and that is the “String Theory” which is considered to be, and arguably the most elegant of all theories.

This is a custom logotype typeface made to have its own personality, which means it’s unique and only one in the Galaxy. The curves makes it consistent to the waves and curves of the logo icon. This also gives it the subtle appearance of being stretched which represents the expansion of the universe.


Fadhaa Fadhaa

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