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Modern Food Company Ltd. Operates International franchise brands, including Nozomi Riyadh Since 2014. Nozomi brings an exciting and unique dining experience from Knightsbridge, London to the heart of Riyadh.


Nozomi offers a unique blend of a lively atmosphere, an impressive interior design, attentive service by trained and knowledgeable staff with a conscious awareness of each individual guests profile, while dinning on an extensive range of the best Contemporary Japanese cuisine the region has to offer.


Nozomi came up to us to design the brochure catalog that they’ll be needing to create awareness of their brand and products in Riyadh. Their audiences’ preference are quality of the food, and sophistication of the details of everything else, from furnitures, to architecture to the service. We want to create that same vibe that caters to the type of Market Nozomi have.


We studied how to match the look and design of the brochure as it were a part of the interior design. The architecture, the ambience, the colours should be a perfect match to the brand message that Nozomi have, Quality and Elegance. The place is like an Art Gallery, while the food itself is the art.


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The Concept of the Brochure is to make it look like a part of the interior design which means it should match the earthy zen type elegance of the furnitures as well as the walls, ceilings and flooring just as Mr. Noriyoshi Muramatsu, the Architrect of the place, have envisioned it.
The brochure should have the same relaxing, intricate and minimalist design in accordance to the rest of the restaurant’s design.


We patterned the Brochure with the lines of the exterior signage, the matte texture and earth-toned palettes.

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