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For over the past 20 years, when producers and holders of the biggest events in the Arabian Gulf Region look for temporary tented structures space, they have turned to Occasions Division under Al Kadi Tents Factory.


We wanted the direction to express the message of something sophisticated, elegant and modern in a sense that it wouldn’t lose the formality and seriousness of Occasions Trading Company. The direction should cater to both corporate and individual clients.

We wanted to focus on how to tell the narrative of what makes events and occasions truly meaningful, and as we explored on this idea, we came to understand that what makes them significant and memorable is the moments we have during these events.

The small details that are imbedded in our memories, like our interaction with the people, how the flowers are arranged, the chairs and tables, the colours of the table cloth, the taste of the food, the melody of the sound playing, the entertainment and the knowledge we acquire, all these are factors that makes occasions hard to forget.

The logotype, as simple as it may seem, is a dynamic logo, capable of change depending on the need to expand the story and the message of the brand. The reason behind this is that Occasions Trading Company offers a variety of services and we want to find a solution on how to show these without creating visual clutter. For sub-brands, campaign and other messages that needs to be conveyed, the logotype can be altered and adjusted.

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